Sidewalk rage?

I found this article “Get out of my way, you jerk!” through Twitter and it remind me of my return back to Finland.

I spent 7 months in a busy city of Shanghai with millions and millions of Chinese people. Believe me slow walking people are a big issue over there, and not just slow walking, but people who stop at the end of an escalator, people who just stop, narrow sidewalks crowded with street vendors, no sidewalks, too many people going the opposite direction. Just too many people everywhere all the time with not enough room to move.

qipu lu in shanghai aka cheap road

Qipu lu in Shanghai aka Cheap road

Still with all these problems there was hardly people bumping into me especially on purpose. Like in the article mentioned above people with “sidewalk rage” get grumpy and bump into people on purpose because they think they are right and the others are just stupid enough to be in their way.

So when I returned to Finland the first thing I noticed was the sidewalk rage. I even remember talking about it with my friend. I was wondering how in a country of 5 million people is it possible that on a 50 meter walk there was at least 5 persons bumping into me.

Apparently I have been a victim of the sidewalk rage and it does hurt sometimes.

In the article they also mentioned different treatments to this “rage”. I suggest put these people in China or other seriously overcrowded cities or countries, preferrable in Asia, let them survive, and hopefully they will learn that being angry is not the answer; it’s not others fault that you have issues, and most importantly: we are all in the same boat let’s make the trip comfortable for all of us and we will all get to the destination.

If you don’t agree join the Facebook group I Secretly Want to Punch Slow Walking People in the Back of the Head and share your rage. I hope it makes you feel better.


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a world citizen located in finland.. trying to figure out the strangeness in the world
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