I’d like to share a converstion I had with a friend a week ago. It went something like this:

My friend: “Are you statisfied with your life?”
Me: “At the moment I am.”
“Really? There’s nothing you’d want to change?”
“No. At the moment I’m satisfied.”
“There’s nothing you want to get or sipmly want, isn’t there something missing?”
“Of course there is. Why does not having those things should make me unsatisfied with my life?”

Just a little something to think about.


About Yyelenaa

a world citizen located in finland.. trying to figure out the strangeness in the world
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3 Responses to Satisfaction

  1. derek says:

    agreed. it’s easy to forget about whats important in life.

  2. Yyelenaa says:

    Thank you Derek for the first comment on my blog :)

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