Environmentally friendly design

Energy Aware Clock, a wonderful invention by Swedes.

The clock tells the electricity consumption of a household in real-time on normal clock table. It also shows the consumption from the previous days so one can easily compare data.

The thing I like the most is of course that it decreases the electricity consumption and helps to save the environment. But also the design itself!

It looks just like a normal clock, you can up it on your wall, table or where ever you’d put a clock and it looks pretty. People can finally be proud about being environment friendly. I’d assume it is very easy to get the kids on board and educate them about electricity consumption.

Even though the clock isn’t out for retail yet, they say it will cost around 200€ when it’s out. A reasonable price I would say for a piece of stylish design for your own good.

I hope it will become one of those must have widgets and people will actually realize how much electricity they use every day. Maybe they can create some kind of share -feature so different household can share their daily consumption with each others and have healthy competitions who consumes less electricity. Neighborhood competition perhaps. Maybe it could even encourage people to get out and do more outdoor as it consumes less electricity. Or maybe I’m just pushing it.

Anyways I think it’s an amazing invention and I hope I can get one soon.
There is also a similar project named Energy Plant. A stylish design, which shows the electricity consumption as a growing plant. Pretty fancy!


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a world citizen located in finland.. trying to figure out the strangeness in the world
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