Even crush goes online

I ran into a new website likealittle.com.
What a wonderful example of how everything is going online!

Forget the old school letters, postcards, notes, flowers, phone calls.
That’s all been replaced by Facebook, e-cards, virtual to-do-list, e-flowers, Skype.
And this is just to mention a few.

Now you can also forget about telling your crush you fancy them face-to-face and save yourself from the embarrassment of them not liking you back. Likealittle.com allows you to post anonymous flirting messages to guys and gals on your campus.


Screen caption of likealittle.com

A site most likely developed by guys who spend too much time with their computer (in American culture a.k.a geeks) now have a good channel to contact with the school girls and show them their inner beauty. I’m assuming here that we’ve all seen some quality American school romance movies and tv-shows.

Of course the site is not just about that! It’s also about saving time by doing it all quickly through Internet, instead of opening your mouth or running after someone in the real moment. And Internet is where everyone is these days. So it’s about connecting time management and being hip at the same time. Not even mentioning about the public declaration of love or sharing crushes with others.
This all is the direction of the digital development.

I have to say as a digital marketer that this is plain awesomeness!
But as a human being, I really hope that in the future people can still connect to each other in real life and that the only way to connect with my husband in the future won’t be through the damn Internet.


About Yyelenaa

a world citizen located in finland.. trying to figure out the strangeness in the world
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