I am a 26-year-old traveller, currently living on the tropical island of Bali. I have studied marketing in HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences. At the moment I am working from home on various online freelance projects.

I have gained a lot of international experience by traveling, working and studying abroad. I have just returned from a seven month-long internship period in Shanghai, China. Prior to that I spend six months studying in Hong Kong as an exchange student. I have also spent a year traveling and working around Australia. And just for fun I have backpacked almost all over South-East Asia. Traveling has clearly opened up my perspective and developed my survival skills.

My passion is in fitness and wellbeing. I enjoy motivating people to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I’m a very sportive person. I’m a regular at my gym, which means I go there every single day, I do try to take some days off just for my own health. My favorite types of sports are group exercise classes by Les Mills, Muay Thai (Thai boxing) and running. You can read about my one month Muay Thai training in Thailand from my other blog “The Journey“.

Customer service and user friendliness are also close to my heart. Customer service mostly because my longest work experience is from a supermarket and other customer service jobs. I enjoy getting and providing good customer service and most of the time my buying decisions are mainly made by the quality of the service. Same goes to user friendliness, nothing is more annoying than a service or a product, which is made by someone who will never use it. Seth Godin sums it up pretty well in his talk This is broken.

You can follow me on Twitter @yyelenaa
or find me on LinkedIn

If you have any questions about me or for me please feel free to ask and I will answer your questions.


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