like & dislikes

I consider myself as a World citizen located in the northern Europe, a welfare state of Finland. During the past 5 years I have travelled a lot, which has affected my feeling of belonging in certain geographic area.

I like to explore human behavior and try to understand and question it.

I believe that people are mostly working on autopilot with set beliefs. However things can be done and thought of in a different way. This is what people do in other corners of the world. So is our way the right one or could we learn more from others and even develop ourselves?

People who know me know that I sometimes bring out different ways of doing things. Like for example when I say “Oh you do that first before that, I do it other way around”, most people understand this as “You idiot! Why do you do it like that? My way is the right one!”. When I actually mean “I never thought about doing it like that, maybe I should try it one day” or just simply “Interesting”.


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